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September 3, 2003
09/03 - EQdkp 1.2.0 RC2 Released (submitted by tsigo at 11:28am EDT)

This is the second release candidate for EQdkp 1.2.0, just to be sure that everything in the core works as well as possible before it's deemed a stable release. That being said, this is probably more stable and usable than the 1.1.0 release, and is a recommended upgrade for just about everyone.

Assuming that everything in this version is working, we should see the final, stable release of 1.2.0 within two weeks, and hopefully after that we will have some time for bugfix releases of the plugins.

Version 1.2.0RC2 - September 3, 2003
[*] Class names at the end of a summary now link correctly to listmembers.php with a filter
   [ #783903 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed apostrophe errors in addraid.php [ #785528 and #785683 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Quotes in item names were being escaped twice after changes in 1.2 [ #785685 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed a rare bug that occurred if there was data in the raid_attendees table, but not
   in the members table.
[*] News pagination was pointing to index.php instead of viewnews.php [ #789563 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Added a 5-second timeout in waiting for eqdkp.com to respond with the latest version
   information. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed yet another quote-related error, this time in manage_users [ #789808 ]. (tsigo)

Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     admin/additem.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     admin/addraid.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     admin/config.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     admin/index.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     admin/manage_users.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     common.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     install.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     summary.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     templates/default/settings.html
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     upgrade.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     viewnews.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC2:     viewraid.php

Download: zip, gz, Patch/Diff

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August 5, 2003
08/05 - EQdkp 1.2.0 RC1 released (submitted by tsigo at 01:31pm EDT)

This is the first release candidate of EQdkp 1.2.0. It should be fairly stable, and we encourage people to test it to help weed out any last-minute bugs before the official stable release of 1.2.0.


Version 1.2.0RC1 - August 4, 2003
[*] Fixed the resulting page URL containing ?s=?s= after being redirected from index.php. (tsigo)
[*] On the configuration page, field values wouldn't be saved if they were blank. This could have
   prevented users from removing their site description, for example. (tsigo)
[*] Class filtering was ignored if hiding inactive members was disabled [ #776348 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Hidden member ranks weren't hidden if hiding inactive members was disabled [ #776343 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed a deprecated call-time pass-by-reference in several admin pages [ #774135 ]. (tsigo, rillaith)
[*] The "To" date for summaries is now inclusive, meaning raids occurring on that date will be included
   [ #781819 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Output a message if no raids are present in the given range for summaries [ #781819 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed an infinite loop bug in upgrade.php [ #776335 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Created a primary key index on the eqdkp_config table to prevent duplicate entries [ #776335 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Added the Froglok race as an option in the addmember page [ #776220 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Member active/inactive status was only updated after adding a new raid, not updating/deleting an old raid
   [ #776396 ]. (tsigo)
[*] A member's first and last raid dates may not have been reset if they were removed from their only attended
   raid [ #776396 and #777984 ]. (tsigo)

Diff from 1.2.0B2:

Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/addadj.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/addevent.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/addiadj.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/additem.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/addnews.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/addraid.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     admin/mm/mm_addmember.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     common.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     dbal/structure/mysql_structure.sql
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     includes/eqdkp.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     includes/session.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     index.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     install.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     language/english/lang_admin.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     listmembers.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     summary.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     templates/default/viewevent.html
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0RC1:     upgrade.php

Download: zip, gz, Patch/Diff

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August 3, 2003
EQdkp 1.2 Status (submitted by tsigo at 03:54pm EDT)

The changelog for the first, and possibly final, release candidate for EQdkp 1.2 has been posted. It should be available for download within the next few days. Assuming that it's stable, the 1.2 stable release should follow shortly thereafter.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs during the 1.2 beta process, it has made the 1.2 release so much better than 1.1.0.

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