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October 15, 2003
Guild Roster 1.0.3 (submitted by tsigo at 01:13pm EDT)

Today was dedicated to updating the Guild Roster plugin, not to be confused with the Magelo Roster plugin, and fix some of the more annoying bugs.

Version 1.0.3: [*] Changed the templates to use the correct CSS styles for certain table rows.
              [*] Added Frogloks to the race drop-down.
              [*] Removed the checking to see if a member with the same name is active/inactve,
                  resulting in user-unfriendly errors.
              [*] Clicking an item name for stats failed if the item had an apostrophe in its name.
              [*] Clicking an item name now works properly in Mozilla.


If you're upgrading from a previous version just upload the new files, nothing was changed in the database and doesn't require an uninstall/re-install.

Please leave all feedback in the appropriate forum and submit any bugs or feature requests to the SourceForge tracker.

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October 4, 2003
10/04 - EQdkp 1.2 Released (submitted by tsigo at 02:44pm EDT)

It took longer than expected, but EQdkp 1.2 is finally deemed stable. I hope that any guilds who were sticking with 1.1.0 because of its "stable" status can now feel secure in upgrading to the much more stable 1.2 release.

[*] Added a 5-second timeout in waiting for eqdkp.com to respond with the latest version
   information. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed yet another quote-related error, this time in manage_users [ #789808 ]. (tsigo)
[*] When a user is deleted, any associated members are now disassociated [ #805250 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Added a 5-second timeout to contacting EQdkp.com in install.php [ #805250 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Reduced error output if EQdkp.com could not be contacted in install.php and admin/index.php. (tsigo)
[*] Fixed several errors that occurred when a member's name has an apostrophe in it[ #808308 ]. (tsigo)
[*] Added rank formatting to stats.php [ #813307 ]. (tsigo)

Changes from 1.2.0RC2 to 1.2.0:
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     admin/index.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     admin/manage_users.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     admin/mm/mm_addmember.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     common.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     install.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     stats.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     upgrade.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     viewitem.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     viewmember.php
Changed in eqdkp-1.2.0:     viewraid.php

If you're upgrading from 1.1.0, it's recommended to delete every file except config.php and upload every file from the 1.2 archive except config.php, and then run upgrade.php.

If you're upgrading from 1.2.0RC2, simply upload the changed files, it's not necessary to run upgrade.php.

Download: zip, gz, Patch/Diff

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