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EQdkp User Manual
What is EQdkp?

EQdkp is an Open Source DKP system created out of necessity. Many EverQuest guilds wanted to use the point system but didn't have the means or time or will to create their own set of scripts for managing it. The main focus of EQdkp is to make loot distribution decisions as easy as possible for guild leaders while still allowing the system to be easy to maintain.

EQdkp was originally created with the notion that one closed-source installation of it would support many guilds' point systems. It was later changed to an OpenSource orientation so that it would be much more customizable for each guild.

Does EQdkp only work with EverQuest?

While EQdkp was originally created specifically for EverQuest guilds, as the name might suggest, some guilds have converted it for use in other games, such as Dark Age of Camelot.

All that would be required to make EQdkp compatible with other games is to change pages like listmembers.php, where it makes direct references to the EverQuest character classes, and also to the parselog.php page, which uses a very specific EverQuest log structure in order to obtain raid and attendance information from a /who GUILD log.