Open Source DKP
What is EQdkp?
EQdkp is an Open Source DKP system created out of necessity. Many EverQuest guilds wanted to use the point system but didn't have the means or time or will to create their own program for managing it. The main focus of EQdkp is to make loot distribution decisions as easy as possible for guild leaders while still allowing the system to be easy to maintain.
EQdkp was originally created with the notion that one closed-source installation of it would support many guilds' point systems. It was later released as an Open Source project so that it would be much more customizable by each guild.
What is DKP?
DKP, short for Dragon Kill Points, is a concept originally created by Thott of Afterlife. These points are awarded to each guild member as they attend a guild raid. The current DKP of each member reflects his or her priority for loot. When a member "wins" an item, they lose a DKP amount that reflects the value of that item.
DKP allows for an unbiased comparison between guild members when decisions about loot are to be made based on attendance and recent items that have been awarded.
Does EQdkp only work with EverQuest?
No. It has game support for EverQuest, EverQuest 2, World of Warcraft, Vanguard, and Dark Age of Camelot. Its game support is also modular, so new games can be added quickly and easily.